Pop-Pop Boat BLACK

Pop-Pop Boat BLACK

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This Pop-Pop boat runs on steam. The steam is generated in the boiler, which is located under the chimney, and must always be full of water.

  • With the help of the plastic dropper (in the package), fill the exhaust pipes with water. With a strong hand movement shake the water against the boiler.
  • Let the boat stand on the water. Keep the candle in the candle spoon and light it. Push the spoon with the lit candle inside the boat, so as the candle is under the boiler.
  • After a few seconds of warming time the boat is ready for its journey!

Size of the product:

L 14cm

W 6,5cm

H 6cm

Included in the package:

1x Pop-pop boat

1x Candle spoon

1x Plastic dropper

5x Mini candles

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